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The solution is the little program I made. I call it the Qosmio Hang Fix (QHF). It is a small exe file that you need to download and run. Here are the instructions:

  1. Send me a mail: requesting for the QHF
  2. Send me your Qosmio Model number (X300, X305, X500, X505)
  3. Send me your Qosmio product number
  4. Click on the link below to make me the payment 
    • Yes! yes! I do want to get paid for this. A princely sum of 19.99 US Dollars for the application/ more options available
    • Other currencies available through Paypal
    • I will REFUND the money 100% if the application does not work
    • This is NOT a scam
    • I get paid for me to recover my costs on spares and time for the past 2 years
    • The application will become free the day I collect 15,000 dollars
    • Sorry cannot give it for free. Have worked really hard on this
    • The payment is through ANY credit card on PAYPAL
  5. Please make sure that the payment is sent THROUGH the same address that you have sent the initial mail through (Step 1)
  6. When I receive both, I will then code in a SPECIFIC fix for your laptop.
  7. I will send the email within 24 hours of the cleared payment
    • This is because you may be in some other country and I might be sleeping
    • I have a life (at least after I solved this problem)
    • I sleep
    • I work
    • But you shall have it within 24 hours of the payment. that I promise
    • if you want it to be SAFER, let me know. I will create an eBay auction and you can use the BUY IT NOW feature to buy the application
      • This way you are protected by eBay buyer protection
      • Please note that in this case, I pay eBay for you to feel secure
      • It will cost you 2 USD more in this case
      • Your call. My recommendation is to trust me. Use Paypal
  8. The Paypal Button is here. Click it to send me the payment directly: 
  9. Buy Options
  10. I will email the application to you
  11. Download it
  12. Extract it to a folder of your choice
  13. You will be asked for a password to extract, the password is in your email along with the application
  14. Navigate to folder
  15. Follow instructions based on OS
    1. Windows 7/ Windows Vista: RIGHT Click and choose run as administrator
    2. Windows XP: Make sure you are logged on as administrator. Double click the application
  16. Run your game!
  17. Enjoy and send me a thank you note if you can :) It encourages me!
  18. In case it does NOT work, send me a mail. Will refund your money. no questions asked. You will actually be the first! I have given this to over a 100 people and I have had a 100% success rate. So do let me know what you did.
    1. Do try to do everything I asked ONE MORE TIME before saying it doesn't work :)
    2. If it still does not, You have your money back and I have another project
Hope this was useful for you!